workout mistakes


Ten workout mistakes you should avoid. Going to the gym is great. Workouts are good for both your body and your mind after a stressful day. But we often make mistakes during our workouts that stand in the way of being healthy. Did you know that doing exercises in a wrong way is even worse than doing nothing at all? Why do you go to the gym regularly and don’t get the desired results? In this blog, we collected the 10 most common workout mistakes that you should avoid.

1.Long cardio workouts:

One of the most common workout mistakes is long cardio workouts. You need to learn to keep the balance on the one hand. Don’t exhaust yourself. Overdoing cardio can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system. I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want from your workouts is heart problems. On the other hand, not doing enough means exercising in vain. Of course, it’s different for everyone but the average duration of a cardio training should be around 30 minutes. I recommend you start small and gradually build your way up this way, you will know your limits and keep your heart safe.

2.low-calorie diet:

Generally, low-calorie diets are healthy and can slow down the aging of the heart and prevent cardio diseases. However, they contain very small amounts of fat that your body needs so much during an intensive workout to get the necessary fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for your body. Eat more salmon and avocado these products have enough fat but they are healthy in nondestructive.

3.Not sleeping enough:

Not sleeping enough means lower physical performance and slower recovery and when you feel tired there is no point going to the gym in such a bad mood. You will be cheating yourself doing the exercises just for show.

4.Sports drinks with electrolytes:

Drinks with electrolytes can harm your body a lot because they contain a large amount of sugar. This is exactly why they seem to make you feel energetic and refreshed. Drink pure water instead. Many people think drinking water when exercising is wrong but you are not one of them right! Don’t torture yourself by not drinking any water during a workout. Your body actively loses a lot of fluids so be kind don’t deprive yourself of life-sustaining water.

5.Eating more:

Sometimes you may feel like a good workout is a great feat so you deserve a feast. We’re not fans at this pun either if you want to keep your weight in check or even decrease it, you have to eat right and stay away from empty calories. What do you choose super tasty hamburgers or a beautiful body?

6.Working out on an empty stomach:

If you come to the gym hungry, there is a great chance you won’t be able to finish the workout because of tiredness and feeling unwell. If you don’t want to lose consciousness (this is not a joke it’s real) in the gym, eat two hours before exercising. Two hours is enough for the body to digest the food to the point when you are already not feeling sleepy and not hungry yet.

7.Going to the sauna after a workout:

Like I said before, during an intensive workout you lose a lot of fluids. Because of that, your body pressure rises. So a hot bath or a sauna can be very dangerous for your heart and blood vessels. So, if you want to wash off the sweat take a warm shower instead. It’s quicker and less harmful.

8.Using a scale:

Do you feel discouraged every time you step on a scale? Well, you shouldn’t, you can comfort yourself with this thought muscles weigh more than fat so maybe the fat you wanted to burn that turn into muscles. Seriously speaking, to get accurate measurements you need to use special devices that can tell you how much fat there is on your body.

9.Not hiring a fitness trainer:

Some people if not most need a Shia LaBeouf in the gym. Someone who can yell at them, just do it. If you are one of such people, don’t be cheap and hire a trainer he or she won’t let you stop when you want to. Trainers are usually great motivators besides their job is to develop a training program that fits your needs and your physical capacity. A professional trainer can make sure you do all exercises correctly and don’t harm yourself accidentally.

10.Daily workouts:

Regular workouts an eating healthy food is your way to a great body. But regularly doesn’t mean every day. If you workout every day you will feel exhausted and your muscles won’t have time to recover ironically and this is one of the workout mistakes. Daily workouts lead to the increase of cortisol in your body. This hormone may cause your weight to increase so that all of your efforts will be for nothing. To avoid this, take breaks between training sessions get enough sleep and eat well.

1.How do I not binge eat?

Life’s biggest mystery.Personally, binge eating is a huge issue for me. I really really struggle with binge eating. I always have and is something I still struggle with today I find there is really nothing that anyone can tell you that’s gonna be a quick fix when it comes to binge eating. So one thing that I have found has helped me though is literally not having the food to binge on. So a big question I get all the time is how do I not eat the whole block of chocolate? Don’t buy the whole block of chocolate like that is literally what I do.

If I feel like a treat if I feel like some chocolate but I know I’m gonna eat the whole damn block. I don’t buy the block by like a little bar something small that’s portion control, which is still a good treat but you’re not going to go overboard if you have a pantry full of biscuits and chocolate and sweets cheeses whatever it might be which is the binge food you are going to binge on it. If it’s there so don’t have it in the house, that is the one thing that works for me.

If I don’t have it in the house I can’t binge on it and it’s just self-control. So you need to keep reminding yourself of your goals why am I not binging on that food, how is that gonna make me feel, keep reminding yourself how you’re gonna feel after you binge on that food. You’re gonna feel lousy, bloated, tired, your digestive is gonna be poor, you don’t feel really really crap if you resist it and you don’t binge, you’ll, later on, fill awesome because you’re still got energy. But you will also be like a damn girl, I smashed that I didn’t binge and your mental power will get stronger every single time.

So my number one tip when it comes to binge eating is don’t buy the food. You know you’re gonna binge on and number two focus on your self-control.

2.Weights or cardio which ones that we do?

Do I do weights? do I do cardio? do I do both? That totally depends on your goals. If you like a balanced routine, you might want to do a bit of both. I personally for myself and the majority of my clients of course depending on their goals will prescribe a mix of cardio and weights or resistance training home workouts. You can use your body weight if you don’t have weights.

If you are focusing on predominantly weight loss cardio is an important aspect hit training specifically is incredible for cardio but also do not underestimate the power of a good walk and just getting your body moving so like less cardio which some of you might be familiar with low intensity steady-state so lift and hit cardio great for people that want to lose weight.

But also resistance training is fantastic. So subscribes and some push-ups and things like that are going to go such a long way in helping you build a little bit of muscle which is gonna burn body fat as well and you’ll feel stronger. For people that are really looking to try and gain a serious amount of muscle, you may want to back off on your cardio a little bit.

If you were trying to gain lots of muscle you should back off on your cardio a little bit because you do compromise your muscle when you do too much cardiovascular exercise.

3.How many workouts should we be doing every week?

One two six seven, should I be training twice a day? Again this is goal dependent depends on the individual what are you hoping for. Is it weight loss? I would definitely be recommending at least three to four sessions a week. I would be aiming for four if you have a lot of weight to lose or if you’re really serious, if you’re looking for a serious muscle gain I would be looking at at least five sessions a week hitting those muscles from every angle and really really work hard in the gym or from home.

But overall I definitely think with a healthy body healthy mind at least three to four sessions a week. Is the way to go and yet build on that see how you feel. If you personally love training every day in the gym go for it but make sure you give yourself rest days, as well as rest, is where the magic happens. okay!

4.What qualifications do you need to be a personal trainer?

I know this seems like a weird question to chuck into a frequently asked fitness questions blog. But everybody asks what do I need to be a PT? It’s almost like it’s a really common career now and a lot of people want to have a go at it.
It’s all about being a personal trainer, what to expect what you need is a crap, is it good? do I love it? everything, so if you are keen on being a PT you need is obviously first aid. You also, need a certificate 3 in fitness which will give you the title of fitness instructor that gives you the ability to work in a gym and train groups.
But to be a personal trainer and train clients one-o-one you need a certificate for in fitness. So that’s first aid certificate 3 and certificate 4 they are the absolute basics from there you can get a diploma in fitness, you can study Exercise Science it is endless there are so many different things you can study and so much further education.

5.Will I get bulky if I lift weights?

I once upon a time didn’t know anything about exercise or weights anything at all but whenever I saw an advertisement for a gym or anything to do with weights it was always a really muscly person promoting them or in a photo. So I understand why people have the perception that if you pick up weights you’re going to get bulky! but the reality is that’s just not the case girls let’s say 99% of females do not have the testosterone levels that it would take to build bulky muscle.

Now, this, of course, depends on your definition of bulky but if you’re talking bodybuilder style you are not going to get bulky ladies just by lifting some weights in the gym unless you are taking supplements or eating 3,000 calories a day. To grow that type of muscle lifting weights is going to make your bones stronger, it’s going to make everything stronger.

It’s gonna make you feel amazing you’re gonna build beautiful muscle tone and you will build a little bit of muscle, but you are not going to have guns the size of your head unless you are training specifically for that. It is a lot harder to build muscle than you think, so please don’t stress about trying some weights in the gym give it a go and if it’s not for you if you try it and you hate it you can come back and go out I tried it, I hate it, I’m never doing it, again that’s all right just try.