Today’s I’m gonna be talking about my 4 style secrets that can change your life. I’m so excited to share these 4 tips with you guys. I really do think they can transform your style and make your life easier.

Picking a form-fitting piece of clothing for either your top or your bottom:

I am wearing right now is a baggy loose very very free-flowing and it’s kind of styled that way on purpose. So when I wear this type of shirt, I specifically pick a tighter pair of pants to kind of balance out the whole outfit. 


Likewise when I have a very loose-fitting baggy pair of jeans maybe boyfriend cut you know they’re very loose on purpose then I specifically pick a shirt that is a lot tighter as maybe form-fitting maybe even a bodysuit that’s very tight to my skin when you accent one body part maybe your legs or maybe your waist or your shoulders maybe your neckline and make that the focal point of the outfit where everything else is a little bit looser and free-flowing it really makes the outfit look more in style it makes it look a lot more planned and thought out when you really didn’t spend too much time on it at all alright.

Make a separate folder on your phone:

I follow a lot of bloggers and style fashionistas on my Instagram account and then I also love Pinterest but what I like to do and what I think is the real secret is to actually get inspiration from these accounts and then go to your closet and get out the pieces that match what you’re looking for and actually lay them out on the bed and just snap a quick picture with your phone.
Save everything in one folder on your phone. When you’re picking out clothes and you don’t know what to wear just simply go to your phone open the folder and just scroll through the different options that are already in your closet and already put together for you. At least me when I walk into my closet I see a vast amount of clothes just hanging there, there’s really no inspiration there, it’s really hard to kind of mix and match sometimes, sometimes I just don’t have the inspiration I just don’t know what to wear.
But when I pull out my phone and I have instant outfit choices it makes my life so much easier. But again starting with Instagram and Pinterest to kind of see what you love and what you already have in your closet and that you can actually pull out of your closet and snap photos. It really just makes you actually use the clothes that you already have and gives you ideas of what you can actually put together and were together.

The fold and tuck: I totally made that up and that’s just what I’ve always referred to it in my head. And basically what it is! are you either fold or tuck a portion of your shirt in three different spots. It doesn’t have to be three different spots all at one time but incorporating at least one of these folds and tucks into your outfit really elevates it.

So the first one that I usually do most often is actually just tucking in my shirt right into my jeans. It again gives me a little bit more form with my shirt, it lets me kind of accent my belt if I’m wearing one. I feel like when you see women out and about if you see the little tuck into their shirt, it kinda just gives off the impression that they’re a little bit more in style than the average person. I also really like to roll up my sleeves. Now there is a little trick to this. What I like to do is rather than starting from the very bottom and just rolling, rolling and rolling the whole way up, that actually falls down throughout the day and it’s pretty annoying actually.
So what I like to do is actually fold halfway up my arm and then do one more fold up to really secure and lock in the arm sleeve. That way when you go about your daily walk around do whatever you have to do throughout the day you don’t have to worry about your arm sleeves continually falling down. They are secured and locked there you don’t have to think about it again. The last little tidbit regarding the fold and tuck is when you’re wearing a t-shirt that has the short sleeve arm sleeves.
If you take those short sleeves and actually roll them up and cuff them, it transforms a basic t-shirt into something so much more. I recently purchased this rogue t-shirt, I love it, I got it at Nordstrom and I just absolutely love the chic Nosov, it the style of it, but it is just a basic t-shirt but when I roll up the sleeves it makes it so much better.
Always carry a style emergency kit: Our outfit could be so OnPoint, so in style, it looks great. We’ve all been there where something malfunctions or maybe we don’t feel well or we want to change something or kind of fix things up just a little bit. It’s always great to have an emergency-style kit and you have everything that’s essential to carry with you.You can just get a cheap little pouch to always have with you in your handbag.
  • Double-sided tape: In the bag, I actually have double-sided tape and that is perfect for weird malfunctions or shirts that aren’t laying right or maybe showing too much.
  • Band-aids: I also love carrying band-aids and not only is that in case I get like a paper cut or something like that but I actually use them a lot more for the backs of my heels with shoes. Sometimes when you’re wearing brand new shoes the backs of your heels can kind of rub mine are very if for some reason and I love having band-aids on hand to put in the back of my shoe so that they don’t get cut up or blistered or start bleeding.
  • Safety pins.
  • Hair ties.
  • Chapstick/Lipgloss.
  • Mascara: Throughout the day at my mascara slowly starts to kind of come down and I can really kind of you know make them a lot fuller and make my lashes a lot more plump if I have a little tiny bottle of mascara on hand.
  • Tweezers.
  • Advil/Aspirin: I don’t usually take or need Advil but if you’re stuck in the middle of the day, you maybe you get headache cramps whatever Advil in your emergency kit is perfect.
I like to do is always just have all of those essentials on hand. I change out my handbags pretty often so that little pouch including my wallet and my cell phone are just three items that I will continually switch out between whatever handbag I’m always carrying.