For acne or another reason, if you get black spot on your beautiful face, it’s not suitable at all. The ugly black spot makes your beautiful face dirty. You tried many creams and parlor treatment but they didn’t work. Use this method to remove blackspot from your face quickly. Just follow this steps every night before going to bed.In meantime, the stains on your face will start to vanish.

What to use?

You will use lemon to reduce blackspot. If you notice every anti-spot cream use lemon in their product.Because lemon act as a natural bleach. However, the lemon therapy is to be done at night, because the light of the sun can react with your skin.There is no possibility of sun damage in the night an the skin is getting 8-10 hours to remove the scars.

What to do?

You can follow two methods.If your skin is normal, then you have to do just one just five minutes work.If is’s sensitive, then it will take 30 minutes.
  • Clear your face by using facewash and use a fresh towel to remove the water.
  • If your skin is normal or oily then you can apply fresh lemon juice directly on the blackspot of your face. You can mix some honey with lemon juice for the better result.There will be no problem with the normal or oily face. Wash your face with cold water in the morning.
  • If your skin is dry or sensitive, then mix some Multani soil and honey with lemon juice and apply on your face. After 30 minutes wash your face with cold water.

For many reasons, you can feel pain on the feet a lot of time.Extra walking can be cause for foot pain and maybe anything else.Whatever the reason of this, you can release pain from this essential body part by following some steps.Let’s know what to do.
  • Water treatment: Water can be the simplest painkiller to reduce pain in your foot. Take two water pot.One for cold water and another for warm water that you can be endured.First, dip your feet in cold water for five minutes.Then dip your feet into warm water for another five minutes.Now you can feel comfortable.But for the better result, you can make peppermint tea and sink your fit.
  • Ball: If you feel severe pain in the feet, take a ball. And keep it on the ground and handle the feet on it repeatedly. It’s a lot like going to roll. You can also massage three tablespoons of sesame oil and three drops of clove oil together and massage it on your feet. This will reduce blood flow to the feet and reduce the pain.

  • Foot Exercise: One of the best ways to make your body healthy is exercise.If you exercise for feet every day then it will be healthy and more strong.For this drop some pencil on the floor and try to collect them with feet.By doing this you feet will be more strong.In this case, you can use sticks or anything else.If heels are the for pain then there is an effective way. Basically, this will not remove your pain but it will make your feet more flexible.In this case, while you standing on the heels, stand three away from the wall.Now make your two hands straight on the wall.Bring the right leg in front and keep the left leg in the same position.In such way, you can break the relation of pain on your feet with heels.

If you do not sleep at night properly or previous day was not good, even having the normal sleep the skin looks a bit dirty. If you wake up in the morning and look at the dirty black skin, then the beginning of the ins being spoiled.And if the day is vary important for you then there is no word.Many people think that the skin can’t be blinking instantly and the blackness of the skin can’t be removed, then what we have to do?

Do not worry, there is great effective technique for getting the brightness of the skin right
away. Let’s learn today the strategy.


  • 3 table spoon rice.
  • 3 table spoons Sesame seeds.
  • 1 cup of water.

First wash the rice and water up, then mix the sesame seeds and rice together in a cup of water.Leave it for whole night.

  • In the morning water up it and make a mixer. Do not completely refine it, and do not make too big grains.Pour this way.
  • Apply this mixture on the skin like scrub and leave it for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, gently rub and wash well with cold water. If you want, you can scrub
    the entire body with this scraper, for the immediate brightness of body skin.
  • It can be store in refrigerator in air tight container up to 7 days .But for better results, make a new mix after two days.

You can think that,why this formula will make your skin brighter instantly. Then let’s know its causality.

  • Rice grains are used on the skin like scraps, so the dull skin on top of the skin will be removed. As well as removing the dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin, it helps to restore the true radiance of the skin. 
  • Sesames seed is a very effective element for the skin. The sesame seeds of the mixture nourish and moisturize your skin and helps the skin to increase the brightness immediately.

Long hair is a dream of every girl, but it’s difficult to grow long hair. Lack of nutrition is the main fact for not growing hair. Also hair can’t grow due to roughness.So for hair growth you have to brought back your nutrition first.Only then your hair will grow faster than before.Let’s know some easy way to grow the hair.
  • Massage oil: This the most effective way to make your healthy and grow faster. Olive oil, Coconut oil is good for hair. You can massage with those two oils by mixing them or separately.After massage, leave the hair this way for all night and next morning wash your hair with shampoo. 
  • Egg mask: Egg contain high protein that provides nutrients in hair and ensure hair growth rapidly.This mask contains sulfur,zinc,iron,selenium,phosphorus and iodine that helps to grow hair faster.Make a hair mask with 1 egg , olive oil and honey. Apply it on the hair and cover your hair with shower cap or cloth for 30 minutes. After that wash you hair with shampoo.Apply this mask 2/3 days per week.

  • Milk/Sour yogurt: It makes your hair soft and remove roughness.As a result your hair will nourished and doesn’t crack.Mix coconut oil, olive oil with half cup of milk or yogurt and apply this on your hair and wait 30 minutes. After that wash your hair with shampoo.Apply this mixer on the skin of you head and leave it for 1 to 2 hours at least 2 days per week for good result.

  • Lemon Juice: you can use lemon juice on your hair in many ways.Mix lemon juice with water and apply thin on hair.After 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.

  • Tea liqueur: Tea liqueur is is very helpful to glow your hair. It’s an alternative of conditioner.

  • Vitamin E capsule: Take vitamin E capsule with olive oil and lightly apply it on head skin.It will prevent hair fall and dandruff.After 30 minutes wash your hair.Apply this at lest 2/3 days per weak.

  • Onion Juice: Onion juice has sulfur that enhance the growth hair collagen tissue and helps the hair to grow faster.Apply onion juice on the head skin.After 15 minutes wash your hair.It also prevent dandruff.  


  • Use soft towel every time you dry you hair.Otherwise it will damage your hair.  
  • Don’t brush your hair when it is wet.
  • Avoid hair dryer to dry your hair.
  • Don’t use any kind of electric product on hair.
  • To reduce roughness don’t use shampoo everyday.It washes the natural oil from your head skin.Also the chemicals of shampoo can be a cause of hair loss.