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With only three tablespoons a day you will lose belly fat. If you start typing how to in your Google search bar, how to lose belly fat will be one of the top suggestions. Google knows at least four million two hundred and seventy thousand answers to this question. If belly, fat is something you want to say goodbye to, you have probably tried many of the suggested ways to do it.
Morning runs, daily workouts at the gym okay. Maybe it’s more like three times a week cardio, checked! Dieting and carrying plastic containers with you filled with lettuce kale and broccoli to eat healthy every three hours, checked! No food before bed or was it after 6:00 yes, hunger-fighting tricks like drinking gallons of water and extensively using olive oil been there, done that.
If none of the above seems to be helpful in your fight against belly fat, I have something else just for you. I found two ingredient recipe for a drink which will help you lose belly fat with only 3 tablespoons a day. Sounds intriguing! Get ready to find out the secret we all want to know and lose belly fat.
1. Garlic: This stinking rose we add to our food to spice it up and use to chase off colds and vampires. It has been believed to have medical properties for thousands of years. The very famous ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used to describe garlic as treatment of many medical conditions. What can garlic help you with?
Well with a variety of things, garlic is very rich in antioxidants which are important for our good health and can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and lower the risk of heart disease and also fight acne. Garlic can combat common cold, improve your bone health and make your hair thicker when used as a hair mask. Garlic is very nutritious but has very few calories in it. Today it comes in many forms from whole cloves to powders and pastes and garlic extract and oil.How much of it do you need for therapeutic effects? At least one clove with meals two or three times a day
2. Red Wine: The second ingredient in our drink is said to have originated from the Caucasus and Iran around 6000 BC. It is made out of grapes and something many dinner parties wouldn’t go without. Yes, I’m talking about red wine. Whoever told you alcohol was super bad for your health, he was not a 100% right. When taken in moderate amounts of three glasses a week, red wine can actually do you good.
Like garlic, it can help you lower your cholesterol which is important to protect your heart. It also fights off cold and helps to protect your skin from the effects of UV. The e skin of red grapes is a natural source of resveratrol and can help control your blood sugar, boost your brain and memory and even slow the aging process and prolong your life. It reduces the risk of developing depression. Again it will only work if you take it in moderate amounts.

How it works?

Both ingredients in our secret drink can help you to control your cholesterol level. Why does it matter? When the level of cholesterol in your body rises, so does the risk to your health. Cholesterol circulates in your blood and comes from two sources your body itself or the liver to be more precise makes the right amount of cholesterol for you. The rest you get with your food meat, poultry and full fat dairy products have cholesterol in them. As well as trans fat because of these fats in your body, your liver has to make more cholesterol than you need. High cholesterol gives you a higher risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. the risk will get higher if you have other risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes. The good news is you can control your cholesterol levels.

How to make the drink?

If both garlic and red wine are so amazing by themselves, what will happen if you put them together? You will get a super powerful drink which can help you lose belly fat and lower your cholesterol levels. It will clean your blood, boost your immune system, accelerate metabolism and help you burn fat at a dream speed.
You are going to need 12 garlic cloves and 16 fluid ounces of red wine. All you have to do is peel and finely cut the cloves, then put them in a glass jar and pour the wine in. Close the jar and leave it in the Sun for two weeks. As you wait patiently for two weeks, occasionally shake the jar. When the time is out strain the mix and pour the wine in a dark glass bottle. Your magical drink is ready.

How to take?

Take a tablespoon of the remedy three times a day for one month. Repeat this whole process after six months and enjoy the amazing effective has on you. By the way, if you don’t like or can’t take alcohol, try adding water to the mix instead of wine. 
Your body will say thank you and your friends will ask you to share your new diet plan or workout routine as they will want the same result.

Ten workout mistakes you should avoid. Going to the gym is great. Workouts are good for both your body and your mind after a stressful day. But we often make mistakes during our workouts that stand in the way of being healthy. Did you know that doing exercises in a wrong way is even worse than doing nothing at all? Why do you go to the gym regularly and don’t get the desired results? In this blog, we collected the 10 most common workout mistakes that you should avoid.

1.Long cardio workouts:

One of the most common workout mistakes is long cardio workouts. You need to learn to keep the balance on the one hand. Don’t exhaust yourself. Overdoing cardio can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system. I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want from your workouts is heart problems. On the other hand, not doing enough means exercising in vain. Of course, it’s different for everyone but the average duration of a cardio training should be around 30 minutes. I recommend you start small and gradually build your way up this way, you will know your limits and keep your heart safe.

2.low-calorie diet:

Generally, low-calorie diets are healthy and can slow down the aging of the heart and prevent cardio diseases. However, they contain very small amounts of fat that your body needs so much during an intensive workout to get the necessary fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for your body. Eat more salmon and avocado these products have enough fat but they are healthy in nondestructive.

3.Not sleeping enough:

Not sleeping enough means lower physical performance and slower recovery and when you feel tired there is no point going to the gym in such a bad mood. You will be cheating yourself doing the exercises just for show.

4.Sports drinks with electrolytes:

Drinks with electrolytes can harm your body a lot because they contain a large amount of sugar. This is exactly why they seem to make you feel energetic and refreshed. Drink pure water instead. Many people think drinking water when exercising is wrong but you are not one of them right! Don’t torture yourself by not drinking any water during a workout. Your body actively loses a lot of fluids so be kind don’t deprive yourself of life-sustaining water.

5.Eating more:

Sometimes you may feel like a good workout is a great feat so you deserve a feast. We’re not fans at this pun either if you want to keep your weight in check or even decrease it, you have to eat right and stay away from empty calories. What do you choose super tasty hamburgers or a beautiful body?

6.Working out on an empty stomach:

If you come to the gym hungry, there is a great chance you won’t be able to finish the workout because of tiredness and feeling unwell. If you don’t want to lose consciousness (this is not a joke it’s real) in the gym, eat two hours before exercising. Two hours is enough for the body to digest the food to the point when you are already not feeling sleepy and not hungry yet.

7.Going to the sauna after a workout:

Like I said before, during an intensive workout you lose a lot of fluids. Because of that, your body pressure rises. So a hot bath or a sauna can be very dangerous for your heart and blood vessels. So, if you want to wash off the sweat take a warm shower instead. It’s quicker and less harmful.

8.Using a scale:

Do you feel discouraged every time you step on a scale? Well, you shouldn’t, you can comfort yourself with this thought muscles weigh more than fat so maybe the fat you wanted to burn that turn into muscles. Seriously speaking, to get accurate measurements you need to use special devices that can tell you how much fat there is on your body.

9.Not hiring a fitness trainer:

Some people if not most need a Shia LaBeouf in the gym. Someone who can yell at them, just do it. If you are one of such people, don’t be cheap and hire a trainer he or she won’t let you stop when you want to. Trainers are usually great motivators besides their job is to develop a training program that fits your needs and your physical capacity. A professional trainer can make sure you do all exercises correctly and don’t harm yourself accidentally.

10.Daily workouts:

Regular workouts an eating healthy food is your way to a great body. But regularly doesn’t mean every day. If you workout every day you will feel exhausted and your muscles won’t have time to recover ironically and this is one of the workout mistakes. Daily workouts lead to the increase of cortisol in your body. This hormone may cause your weight to increase so that all of your efforts will be for nothing. To avoid this, take breaks between training sessions get enough sleep and eat well.

Today’s I’m gonna be talking about my 4 style secrets that can change your life. I’m so excited to share these 4 tips with you guys. I really do think they can transform your style and make your life easier.

Picking a form-fitting piece of clothing for either your top or your bottom:

I am wearing right now is a baggy loose very very free-flowing and it’s kind of styled that way on purpose. So when I wear this type of shirt, I specifically pick a tighter pair of pants to kind of balance out the whole outfit. 


Likewise when I have a very loose-fitting baggy pair of jeans maybe boyfriend cut you know they’re very loose on purpose then I specifically pick a shirt that is a lot tighter as maybe form-fitting maybe even a bodysuit that’s very tight to my skin when you accent one body part maybe your legs or maybe your waist or your shoulders maybe your neckline and make that the focal point of the outfit where everything else is a little bit looser and free-flowing it really makes the outfit look more in style it makes it look a lot more planned and thought out when you really didn’t spend too much time on it at all alright.

Make a separate folder on your phone:

I follow a lot of bloggers and style fashionistas on my Instagram account and then I also love Pinterest but what I like to do and what I think is the real secret is to actually get inspiration from these accounts and then go to your closet and get out the pieces that match what you’re looking for and actually lay them out on the bed and just snap a quick picture with your phone.
Save everything in one folder on your phone. When you’re picking out clothes and you don’t know what to wear just simply go to your phone open the folder and just scroll through the different options that are already in your closet and already put together for you. At least me when I walk into my closet I see a vast amount of clothes just hanging there, there’s really no inspiration there, it’s really hard to kind of mix and match sometimes, sometimes I just don’t have the inspiration I just don’t know what to wear.
But when I pull out my phone and I have instant outfit choices it makes my life so much easier. But again starting with Instagram and Pinterest to kind of see what you love and what you already have in your closet and that you can actually pull out of your closet and snap photos. It really just makes you actually use the clothes that you already have and gives you ideas of what you can actually put together and were together.

The fold and tuck: I totally made that up and that’s just what I’ve always referred to it in my head. And basically what it is! are you either fold or tuck a portion of your shirt in three different spots. It doesn’t have to be three different spots all at one time but incorporating at least one of these folds and tucks into your outfit really elevates it.

So the first one that I usually do most often is actually just tucking in my shirt right into my jeans. It again gives me a little bit more form with my shirt, it lets me kind of accent my belt if I’m wearing one. I feel like when you see women out and about if you see the little tuck into their shirt, it kinda just gives off the impression that they’re a little bit more in style than the average person. I also really like to roll up my sleeves. Now there is a little trick to this. What I like to do is rather than starting from the very bottom and just rolling, rolling and rolling the whole way up, that actually falls down throughout the day and it’s pretty annoying actually.
So what I like to do is actually fold halfway up my arm and then do one more fold up to really secure and lock in the arm sleeve. That way when you go about your daily walk around do whatever you have to do throughout the day you don’t have to worry about your arm sleeves continually falling down. They are secured and locked there you don’t have to think about it again. The last little tidbit regarding the fold and tuck is when you’re wearing a t-shirt that has the short sleeve arm sleeves.
If you take those short sleeves and actually roll them up and cuff them, it transforms a basic t-shirt into something so much more. I recently purchased this rogue t-shirt, I love it, I got it at Nordstrom and I just absolutely love the chic Nosov, it the style of it, but it is just a basic t-shirt but when I roll up the sleeves it makes it so much better.
Always carry a style emergency kit: Our outfit could be so OnPoint, so in style, it looks great. We’ve all been there where something malfunctions or maybe we don’t feel well or we want to change something or kind of fix things up just a little bit. It’s always great to have an emergency-style kit and you have everything that’s essential to carry with you.You can just get a cheap little pouch to always have with you in your handbag.
  • Double-sided tape: In the bag, I actually have double-sided tape and that is perfect for weird malfunctions or shirts that aren’t laying right or maybe showing too much.
  • Band-aids: I also love carrying band-aids and not only is that in case I get like a paper cut or something like that but I actually use them a lot more for the backs of my heels with shoes. Sometimes when you’re wearing brand new shoes the backs of your heels can kind of rub mine are very if for some reason and I love having band-aids on hand to put in the back of my shoe so that they don’t get cut up or blistered or start bleeding.
  • Safety pins.
  • Hair ties.
  • Chapstick/Lipgloss.
  • Mascara: Throughout the day at my mascara slowly starts to kind of come down and I can really kind of you know make them a lot fuller and make my lashes a lot more plump if I have a little tiny bottle of mascara on hand.
  • Tweezers.
  • Advil/Aspirin: I don’t usually take or need Advil but if you’re stuck in the middle of the day, you maybe you get headache cramps whatever Advil in your emergency kit is perfect.
I like to do is always just have all of those essentials on hand. I change out my handbags pretty often so that little pouch including my wallet and my cell phone are just three items that I will continually switch out between whatever handbag I’m always carrying.

Hi guys, today we’re going to be talking about five instant ways to look more attractive. Now before I get started I don’t you guys think I’m this mean a superficial person who only cares about looks because that is so far from the truth. What you look like inside and the way you act towards others is the very most important thing. So I have come up with five different tricks and tips that you can implement really quickly to make yourself really feel and look more attractive.Okay, let’s get into the very first tip that I have for you and almost all of these tips are so easy to implement but yet they make a huge huge difference.


Pair of nude heels:  You’ve probably heard this before that when you wear heels in general, it really does elevate you and it actually makes you walk with a better posture. But when you put on a pair of nude heels that takes it up a whole another level that really lengthens your legs and it really pretty much just goes with any outfit, because nude is very neutral and it really does look great with almost anything you have on your body.
I love having a classic pair of nude heels. I have several pairs, I have a high-end pair that’s Christian Louboutin with the red bottoms but when I don’t want to wear those or I don’t want to look, I don’t know it’s bougie as that then I just have a cheap pair of heels too. I wear them with jeans, I wear them with dresses, I wear them with dress pants, I wear them pretty much in every genre that you could think of I love kind of mixing and matching high end with low-end nude heels really lengthens your legs.
And as we all know when you have kind of longer legs, it makes you look a lot more sleek and slim and more attractive. Now let’s be real, I do not wear heels every day, trust me! the flat can be my best friend but when I want to look and feel a little bit more attractive than heels can also be my best friend.
Filling in your eyebrows: There has to be kind of like a balance in your eyebrows and a fine line between this. I kind of just find a middle ground, you don’t want them to be too crazy, too bushy, but you don’t want them to be tiny little lines. Some people are blessed with like perfect eyebrows and I think mine are you know pretty decent, but I still fill mine in all the time I always use an Anastasia of Beverly Hills duo powder pot if the powder and I have like a nice angled brush and I really like to fill in my brows that way. But it really really frames the face.
I feel like when I don’t have my eyebrows on, I look so not good. Some people when they are kind of new to doing their eyebrows I think it looks really harsh to them and they’re scared to like go out and about and really try it but I really really really recommend that you start kind of slow and just start to fill in your eyebrows just a little bit. If you think you’re a little bit sparse and want a little bit more shape and then kind of work your way up each day and then once you get a little bit more comfortable with it I’m telling you, you will feel so much more attractive and I’ll get to the point where once you have your eyebrows done you’ll feel like a million bucks.
Show off your neckline: When a woman really wants to look attractive, I feel like she just immediately jumps to the two zones. That is like known for being attractive and that would be on your chest or your butt. I mean let’s be real, guys, in particular, they obviously are very attracted to those particular areas on a woman’s body but what I think is even more attractive, a little bit more exotic, a little bit more mysterious, is when you actually show off your neckline and this is I think it’s the deep. It’s called the decolletage.
There is something about this bone and your shoulders. When I show off my neckline with maybe my shoulders, maybe like a cold shoulder sweater whatever you want to do but whenever you show this area off it is so flattering, it’s so feminine, it really does make me feel like a little bit more attractive and pretty and beautiful. There’s just something really really attractive about this area of a woman’s body so what I like to do to kind of emphasize it a little bit more is actually take a highlighting product.
So I actually have Jacqueline Hills face palette, I really like taking a loose rush and you can actually highlight the bone. I do this actually more in this summer because the Sun kind of kisses it and it’s just like so pretty. I really really love doing this, it’s just a nice trick to kind of show off this area and again it makes me feel a lot more attractive than I probably am.
Hair tricks: I honestly think that having your hair up or down can be very very attractive. I’m not saying that one is better than the other but if I’m being totally honest I really think there’s something to be said about guys loving girls with their hair long and down as totally cliche. It’s just the way it is but regardless you don’t have to listen to that. You can weigh your hair up you can weigh your hair down but I do think when you have your hair down, it looks a little bit more on the attractive side when you have a little bit more body to it a little bit more of like loose curls going on.
If you have straight hair I’m nothing against that at all, I love like very sleek and pretty straight hair, but like bouncy and you know hair with body and volume I mean that’s why they sell shampoo. That’s like all about volume, I mean people just is kind of a thing people know that, that’s really makes a woman look so pretty when they have like a lot of volume and bounce in their hair but if you do want to go the route of having your hair up I think that that can look amazing too. But there is one trick that I like to always implement and I really think it makes a huge difference when I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail.
So I can wear my hair up super super high up to the very top of my head that’s fine or you can go more in the middle or maybe a little bit lower, it really doesn’t matter where your hair is set on the ponytail but what really matters is the shape of your neck and that the hair there in that nape of your neck area isn’t too loose. You have to make that area a little bit tight actually a lot tight and it makes your overall ponytail style look so much better. I definitely like to have a little bit of body and a little tiny pouf at the top of my ponytail like around the very top of my head, I don’t want to go crazy with this pouf a couple years ago people got a little bit crazy with this and it was like a huge huge like puff there maybe don’t go that route I mean you can if you want but I think it looks best when it’s not completely slicked back.
But it does just have a little bit of Bounce and a little bit of height at the very top of your head when you implement all of those little tricks I really think wearing your hair up in a ponytail makes you look fabulous.
Signature lipstick: This tip is something so simple but again it will make a world of difference like truly a world of difference. So what that is! Is wearing a signature lipstick. Now it doesn’t have to be like your signature doesn’t have to be the same color every single time. Some people really like to change up what they wear. It could be chapstick, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, actual lipstick.
I mean we all know there’s like a million lip products out there but at least for me when I’m not wearing a lip product on my lips I could have the most amazing makeup going on or even the most basic makeup but if my lips are completely dry and bare lipstick just truly is the icing on the cake. It’s totally true wearing a lipstick will really make you look and feel more attractive. I totally recommend having like a signature go-to lipstick, it makes your life so much easier. Basically, whenever you don’t really know what lipstick to wear, you just grab your favorite lipstick and you put it on and you’re good to go.
Some people really like a red classic lip and that’s great, I occasionally decide to do that I’ve definitely recommended that I really think it’s like a nice pop but my signature lip is actually a combo between s liquid lipstick by Kat Von D in a philia and a actual lipstick by bite beauty and it’s in the shade honeycomb. It is again a very nice nude color, so the reason I love this the very most is because this is a liquid lipstick so this will stay on pretty much all day but I actually like to put this over top of it because the colors are pretty darn similar it’s kind of like a nude peachy color.
When I put this over top of this it really moisturizes my lips a lot more. It makes it look a little bit more glossy, not too much it’s still a little bit in that. This will always stay on my lips, so I feel like I really can go about my day all day, I don’t have to worry about what my lips look like but this tip really is one of those tips that instantly makes a huge huge difference.

There are very easy things that you can check before you hit that purchase button and if you do that if you check just a bit better, a bit longer, you save so much more time in returning the pieces making sure you do get very fun etc. So here are four common mistakes that you will not make when shopping for clothes Online any more after watching this blog.

It fits the model so it will fit me: I wanted to buy that red top. I checked the sizing, I looked it up in the size table it was fine there, it said waist to bust, hip measurement, okay! that’s my size. I’m gonna get size M. Then I did something that you guys should do too so far, so good! I’m doing it right until now. I looked up the height of the model because I’m officially TALL. I’m not regular size, I’m 5’11 in inches or 179cm.
So when the model is 170cm, usually that’s the average on websites. For commercial pictures, everything that they wear top will be too short on me. So that I know and I checked in our example of that red top, it said Maya is 1 meter 79 and she’s wearing size S, great! She’s even exactly my high, so perfect! What she’s wearing where it’s falling on her will be long enough for me to done deal purchase click and then I received the top and it looks like too short. It’s barely hiding my belly clearly not fitting.
What happened? I’m not just TALL I also have a long torso and I trusted the pictures. I saw how much lower than her waist the top is landing and I thought it will do the job for me. I should have looked for the length of the garment. Usually, the description would say the garment has a total length of xy centimeters. That’s the information you’re looking for. It’s measured at the back from the bottom of the neck at shoulder level and then you go down to the hem in the middle following your spine.
If your body is not a standard, so if you don’t have the exact proportions of the model just bigger or smaller for instance. If you’re petite, if you’re tall, if you have a longer torso, if you have shorter arms, longer arms, you need to check the length of the garment you cannot rely solely on the pictures that you see even if the girl there has your exact height and pretty much the same size as you have.
The thing is if the patterns are well made for that design you’re looking at, then the length varies according to the size for the things that I designed for my clothes each piece in each size has a different length. So often the total length of the garment will not be indicated in the product description on the product page of the website you’re looking at. But if you write to the customer service they must be able to tell you according to a table.
If they can’t do that, that’s an alarm signal for me. It’s a bad sign, it means that they don’t have their patterns under control. That’s typically the case where it says falls smaller falls larger it depends I thought I was M but actually this size is like an S that should ring a bell. It should tell you ooh cheap production it’s not going to be good quality I cannot rely on the fit. That’s typically a store where I wouldn’t buy anything.
I am always a size 36: I know my size in pants, it’s very easy, I’m pretty standard indeed and I’m almost always a size 36 according to the EU sizing system, European size and I wanted lovely wool pants. So I ordered them and I liked the idea that they sit a little bit low on the waist, I found that cool. It’s a little bit baggy, a little bit relaxed, very comfortable. Then I received pant looks like an eight years old girl wearing her dad’s trousers. It looks like Charlie Chaplin. What doesn’t fit here? Is the design itself, it has tucks underneath the waistband? They give me more space but I didn’t need any more space here.
If you look at it from the side you could fit both legs in here. So what happened? Understanding your correct size is not enough, you also need to look at the details at the view from all different angles. You want to see a picture from the front the side and the back so you can see the details. In this case, they change the design they change the shape of the pants and it changes the fit. So in fact, I should have gone one size down and I still would have had enough space everywhere. You wouldn’t have been tight at all because I’m a pear shape so my largest area is the hip level.
What’s the return policy: This is one that probably happened to everyone, it happened to me. Again recently, for instance, I ordered a nice umbrella on a French website thinking I will support my country’s industry and order one that’s made in France, shipping costs are the same everywhere in Europe, so fine let’s do this. Problem, the umbrella arrived broken. That’s when I started to look for the return policy mistake.
I should have done that a lot earlier turned out. They ship everywhere in Europe but they only accept returns for free in France and I am based in Germany. Oh well,l should have looked better, fine! The umbrella was 35€. shipping it back is 6.90€ in Europe. So it’s okay, it’s still worth exchanging it right turns out. It’s longer than 60 centimeters, so it’s specific goods blah blah… shipping costs 18€ conclusion for me. I really don’t want to leave that umbrella on the subway or in a restaurant somewhere conclusion.
For you, before you purchase anything, of course, look at the return policy. It will avoid a lot of trouble. There are many websites that will literally ship anywhere in the world but then they’ll make it very difficult or costly for you to return anything. I think that’s unfair and it sucks the good thing for you. For us, customers in pretty much every country by now is: there is a legal obligation for commercial websites to display transparently where they ship to, where they take returns from, which costs, if any that has to be displayed somewhere on the website, where consumers can actually find it.
So the law is very precise about that if you look usually at the bottom of the website in the footer area with contact social media bla bla, you have the terms and conditions and you have the shipping and return policy. It has to be stated transparently in there. So if you actually look for it you will find the info you need.

Somehow it doesn’t look and or feel the way I expected: You probably had that one before. I had before, I studied fashion the garment on the picture on the website looks great. It falls nicely, it has never been washed, ironed, manipulated or dry-cleaned in any way. It’s never going to look better than that. So how to avoid disappointment! Once you receive the stuff you ordered, always check the material, the fabric composition, and the constructions.

Those two parameters alone can make a huge difference in the look and feel and in the durability of the clothing that you’re purchasing very often when the cut looks complex but somehow the price looks ok, they saved money on the fabric that’s the first thing where they literally cut all the corners. If you see a dress that looks like silk but costs less than hundred euros, it’s probably in polyester or in acetate. Acetate doesn’t breathe it smells when you sweat and loses its color and turns into another color when you expose it to sunlight. That’s the kind of thing that you want to know. Think prom dresses, they offer in acetate they’re in a fabric you can’t dance in which is a contradiction for a prom dress.

If you see this list of icons what does it mean? it means that you can’t watch the garment, not even by hand, you can’t iron it, you can’t bleach it, you can’t tumble dry it and you can’t dryclean. It how on earth are you supposed to take care of a garment like that? If I see those icons I won’t buy it in the first place. I wouldn’t know how to clean it after wearing it just once. It’s waste, in my opinion, it’s not a garment that I want to own at all. So I wouldn’t order it. With these tips, I hope that you feel more confident a bit better equipped for the next time you’re gonna shop online?
There is a universal concern for everyone lives today, how to decrease hair fall and how to increase hair regrowth. Now I’m going to tell you what are the Common Causes Of Excessive Hair Loss.
  • Physical Causes: Physical causes is one of the Common Causes Of Excessive Hair Loss. You are what you eat, your hair is what your system is. So now physical causes we come to commonest one is any illness. If you are taking any medicians, some antidepressant medicians like lithium, they lead to hair fall. Remember, there are some people who load themselves with a lot of vitamin A. Excess vitamin A can lead to hair fall. So stop.And some people who got malignancies and they are on chemotherapy that also causes hair fall. But also the chemotherapy is all tempory. This is the physical causes of hair fall. If there is any deficiency in the body any problem in the body it’s going to reflect in the blood supply which is going to the root and that is how it affects the hair.
  • Deficiencies: Commonest is iron deficiency, it’s very common in women. When you have an excessive period and don’t supplement with iron, that’s why you have iron deficiency. Another common deficiency is the protein deficiency. This is common in the vegetarian and it’s not that it’s uncommon in nonvegetarian. And zink deficiency in one of the common cause of hair fall and then, of course, the micro deficiencies of mineral like selenium, copper and other important ingredients. So this is the deficiencies which cause hair fall. 
  • Hormonal Causes: Commonest commonest is thyroid abnormality. If you have any change in hair quality and in the hair fall one of the most important causes is thyroid, that is hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. Now in hypothyroid or hyperthyroid the first thing is hair fall.  There are many people the other symptoms of the thyroid is increase weight,  decrease weight, tiredness but they will not bother so much. But the moment they get hair fall they are really upset and hesitated. So yes, you do and you should be worry about the hair fall because that can be an indication of thyroid abnormality. There are other causes that are hormonal causes and very common nowadays is polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS). This is very common and of course, the causes of all this in today’s lifestyle is stress, wrong diet, no exercise.  
  • Stress: Mental stress and emotional stress. This is one of the Common Causes Of Excessive Hair Loss. Mental is of course when anyone got exams or if anyone has got married and adjustment problem with husband or mother-in-law. Then we come to the emotional stress. Emotional are also causes hair fall and that could be if they had any bereavement in the family, if they had divorced, if they had any separation from the parents or anything like that, this can cause emotional stress. These mental stress and emotional stress release a certain hormone that in an adrenal gland overactivity which causes a hormonal imbalance and that could lead to a hair fall. if someone had an exam in the month of April they are not going to get a hair fall in April. It takes time. If the exam in April the stress has accused by the time the root start decrease blood supply, roots are compromised. For it to chance late into a hair fall that is a lack of tow to three months. Remember that is always a time lack of two to three months between the cause and the effect.

I hope my talk has helped you to go from hair fall to hair regrowth. If you have any question please ask me in the comment section.

1.You Can’t Burn Fat Selectively:  Number one WOMEN’S Fitness Tips is you can’t burn fat selectively.The first thing you need to know as a woman is that there’s no such thing as spot fat removal. If you want toned arms or if you want that flat stomach or that thigh gap, it’s all about burning your fat and building a bit of lean muscle mass under that fat.The fastest way to get both these things to burn fat and to build that little bit of lean muscle is weight training.

Most women want to burn fat and the Society we’ve grown up in we automatically associate weight training with bulky bodybuilders and if you tell a woman to take up weight training they’ll think of those bulky women bodybuilders that are not what weight training does to your body. Those women and those bodybuilders are bulky because they’ve injected themselves with testosterone and steroids you do not have either in your system now the one scientific thing you need to know about weight training is that it has different effects on male bodies and different effects on female bodies because males have more testosterone.

They can put on more muscle mass. Suppose I have a twin sister who has the same genetics as me, who follows the same training program and who eats the same food that I do, after a year of training and eating right I’ll probably be super buff thanks to the excess testosterone in my body but she will end up looking like something like just strong beautiful fit looking female body. That’s what you can aim to get by weight training that’s what you need to know as a woman.

Now the one golden rule I follow at BO biceps is that when it comes to something Fitness related do not listen to a single individual listen to a science instead and unfortunately the society that we’ve grown up in all our lives we’ve been told that if you want to burn fat you need to run or you need to swim, we need to do some kind of aerobics. Now that is true don’t get me wrong, cardio activities like running swimming, cycling, aerobics, Zumba help in burning fat but here’s the catch they only burn fat while you’re doing.

The activity weight training, on the other hand, burns fat while you’re doing the activity and in the process of doing the activity because you’re damaging those muscles even when you go home, you’re still burning fat. So when we’re talking about weight training we’re talking about two kinds of bones the active burn that happens while the activity is on and the passive burn that happens even two days after the activity.

When you’re going home and your body is recovering and that’s why weight training is your fastest path to those toned arms and that thigh gap and that flat stomach and every single woman in the world needs to know about this fact science says that weight training is your fastest path to fat loss and your fitness goals. It’s not gonna make you bulky it’s just gonna make you super fit and make you feel super great about how you look.

2.Women Need More Weight Training Than Men Do: Number two WOMEN’S Fitness Tips is Women need more weight training than men. This is weight training related once again but scientifically speaking from a health perspective it’s super crucial for every woman to know this you need to understand that your bodies are built very differently from men’s bodies. There’s a reason men are physically built stronger. they have more muscle mass and more muscle mass translates to a better metabolism and a better metabolism means a higher calorie cap.

Men can eat a lot of food without the fear of getting fat. If a man and a woman eat the same amount of calories the man’s body is going to utilize all those calories much better, it’s gonna fuel all that excess muscle mass but when we’re talking about women the muscle mass is lower and the other thing you need to know is that there are two points in a woman’s life where their bodies start kind of deteriorating a bit but you can prevent this deterioration. So the first point is when women are moving from the early 20 is to them mid-20s that’s when the metabolism of a woman kind of slows down so all that food that you were eating which wasn’t making you fat in your late teens and your early 20s will start making you fat in your mid 20s.

So if you still want to enjoy food weight training is a great solution to this whole problem and the second time a woman’s body starts deteriorating really badly is after the age of 30 and this is something serious after the age of 30 women start losing muscle mass rapidly and the other thing that happens is that the bone density decreases and because of this combination of that bone density decreasing and the muscle mass dropping they’re more prone to injury. The coordination isn’t as good as it was and once again the solution to this is strength training.

When I go to gym and always see the guys in the weight section and all the women are on the cardio machines, which is women just wanna burn fat and they think okay cardio is my go-to and a lot of times you’ll see that the older women are actually taking up weight training because they realized that, okay you know my strength levels are going low and as a woman until you reach that age you don’t value something like strength or muscle mass but it’s all about realizing that you know this is going to happen to your body at some point in the future.

If you are in your early twenties, if you’re in your teams this is the right time to take up strength training forget what you grew up hearing about becoming bulky through weights that are not going to happen to think about your health think about your long-term future.

3.Diet Plan: Number one WOMEN’S Fitness Tips is diet plan. It is now you’ve got to understand that how you look depends primarily on your diet. It depends on the food you select to eat. Now if you’re a woman who’s struggling to reach her fitness goals, if you have that little bit of baby fat and you see all these bikini models or whatever your fitness goals are, if you want to get somewhere you want to burn off that little bit of fat and you’ve bought into all these diet crazes. You bought a lot of diet food and you want multigrain bread and Greek yoga and all these things you need to know that unfortunately, you’re playing the game wrong. Burning off that little bit of excess baby fat isn’t about selecting diet foods or selecting multigrain bread and things like that it boils down to two very basic food items.

If you eliminate these two food items from your life you’ll see a change in days and unfortunately, women all over the world have a tendency for the first item that’s sugar. I talk about sugar a lot, so I’m not gonna get deep into that topic. All you’ve got to know is that in your fight against weight loss sugar is your biggest enemy. You want to keep it as far from you as possible. I know that completely eliminating sugar is a little difficult but your job if you want to burn fat and if you want to reach your fitness goals is to minimize sugar. Once you minimize sugar and you’re able to almost eliminate it out of your diet.

The second step is to eliminate everything processed this includes everything from lays to those Cheerios which are those little you know snacks people eat at tea time two biscuits anything, that’s made in a factory you just want to eliminate it from your diet. It’s got a lot of preservatives, it’s got a lot of dirty carbohydrates, it’s got a lot of dirty fats and it’s keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself and at this point it’s all about priorities, so I know it’s a little bit difficult to eliminate these things. If they’re a part of your lifestyle but it starts with not buying them not keeping those food items at home.

I’m a fitness blogger, how I look has a one-to-one relation with my career. I am supposed to be super serious about my diet and even if I keep these food items at home, it becomes very difficult for me to resist them. But when I don’t buy them at all I see a change in my body in weeks and that’s what you can also do. You feel like oh why am I not losing that stubborn belly fat it boils down to these two simple food items just get rid of them don’t bring them home.

1.How do I not binge eat?

Life’s biggest mystery.Personally, binge eating is a huge issue for me. I really really struggle with binge eating. I always have and is something I still struggle with today I find there is really nothing that anyone can tell you that’s gonna be a quick fix when it comes to binge eating. So one thing that I have found has helped me though is literally not having the food to binge on. So a big question I get all the time is how do I not eat the whole block of chocolate? Don’t buy the whole block of chocolate like that is literally what I do.

If I feel like a treat if I feel like some chocolate but I know I’m gonna eat the whole damn block. I don’t buy the block by like a little bar something small that’s portion control, which is still a good treat but you’re not going to go overboard if you have a pantry full of biscuits and chocolate and sweets cheeses whatever it might be which is the binge food you are going to binge on it. If it’s there so don’t have it in the house, that is the one thing that works for me.

If I don’t have it in the house I can’t binge on it and it’s just self-control. So you need to keep reminding yourself of your goals why am I not binging on that food, how is that gonna make me feel, keep reminding yourself how you’re gonna feel after you binge on that food. You’re gonna feel lousy, bloated, tired, your digestive is gonna be poor, you don’t feel really really crap if you resist it and you don’t binge, you’ll, later on, fill awesome because you’re still got energy. But you will also be like a damn girl, I smashed that I didn’t binge and your mental power will get stronger every single time.

So my number one tip when it comes to binge eating is don’t buy the food. You know you’re gonna binge on and number two focus on your self-control.

2.Weights or cardio which ones that we do?

Do I do weights? do I do cardio? do I do both? That totally depends on your goals. If you like a balanced routine, you might want to do a bit of both. I personally for myself and the majority of my clients of course depending on their goals will prescribe a mix of cardio and weights or resistance training home workouts. You can use your body weight if you don’t have weights.

If you are focusing on predominantly weight loss cardio is an important aspect hit training specifically is incredible for cardio but also do not underestimate the power of a good walk and just getting your body moving so like less cardio which some of you might be familiar with low intensity steady-state so lift and hit cardio great for people that want to lose weight.

But also resistance training is fantastic. So subscribes and some push-ups and things like that are going to go such a long way in helping you build a little bit of muscle which is gonna burn body fat as well and you’ll feel stronger. For people that are really looking to try and gain a serious amount of muscle, you may want to back off on your cardio a little bit.

If you were trying to gain lots of muscle you should back off on your cardio a little bit because you do compromise your muscle when you do too much cardiovascular exercise.

3.How many workouts should we be doing every week?

One two six seven, should I be training twice a day? Again this is goal dependent depends on the individual what are you hoping for. Is it weight loss? I would definitely be recommending at least three to four sessions a week. I would be aiming for four if you have a lot of weight to lose or if you’re really serious, if you’re looking for a serious muscle gain I would be looking at at least five sessions a week hitting those muscles from every angle and really really work hard in the gym or from home.

But overall I definitely think with a healthy body healthy mind at least three to four sessions a week. Is the way to go and yet build on that see how you feel. If you personally love training every day in the gym go for it but make sure you give yourself rest days, as well as rest, is where the magic happens. okay!

4.What qualifications do you need to be a personal trainer?

I know this seems like a weird question to chuck into a frequently asked fitness questions blog. But everybody asks what do I need to be a PT? It’s almost like it’s a really common career now and a lot of people want to have a go at it.
It’s all about being a personal trainer, what to expect what you need is a crap, is it good? do I love it? everything, so if you are keen on being a PT you need is obviously first aid. You also, need a certificate 3 in fitness which will give you the title of fitness instructor that gives you the ability to work in a gym and train groups.
But to be a personal trainer and train clients one-o-one you need a certificate for in fitness. So that’s first aid certificate 3 and certificate 4 they are the absolute basics from there you can get a diploma in fitness, you can study Exercise Science it is endless there are so many different things you can study and so much further education.

5.Will I get bulky if I lift weights?

I once upon a time didn’t know anything about exercise or weights anything at all but whenever I saw an advertisement for a gym or anything to do with weights it was always a really muscly person promoting them or in a photo. So I understand why people have the perception that if you pick up weights you’re going to get bulky! but the reality is that’s just not the case girls let’s say 99% of females do not have the testosterone levels that it would take to build bulky muscle.

Now, this, of course, depends on your definition of bulky but if you’re talking bodybuilder style you are not going to get bulky ladies just by lifting some weights in the gym unless you are taking supplements or eating 3,000 calories a day. To grow that type of muscle lifting weights is going to make your bones stronger, it’s going to make everything stronger.

It’s gonna make you feel amazing you’re gonna build beautiful muscle tone and you will build a little bit of muscle, but you are not going to have guns the size of your head unless you are training specifically for that. It is a lot harder to build muscle than you think, so please don’t stress about trying some weights in the gym give it a go and if it’s not for you if you try it and you hate it you can come back and go out I tried it, I hate it, I’m never doing it, again that’s all right just try.


Today I’m going to talk about Top Trends Women’s style. Pinterest is that place where people pin things they like if you take all the pins and the keywords that get searched and saved on Pinterest boards, all around the world, then you get a pretty good feeling for the trends that people consider rather wearable, things that they actually want to try.In other words, on Pinterest, you see trends that we’re actually gonna see on the streets. So I looked into the report that they just released and here are the things that have been pinned a lot more often this year than last year.

  • Structured Statement Earrings: I’d love to say that I single-handedly made big earrings a thing.I think it wouldn’t be entirely true though. But I really am a fan of huge earrings so I’m very happy about this one. There are different ways of making a statement with your ears: a large shape, multiple elements, various materials, a combination of colors, etc.
Top Trends Womens style 2018 Earrings
  • Berets: That’s one I honestly wouldn’t have guessed because I think it’s a trend being driven by countries that are not France, since in France it is quite cliché, a bit old school to wear a beret, nowadays, unless you’re a painter or an artist and you live on a certain hill in Paris, which is Montmartre. Other than that I haven’t seen berets anywhere I have to say. The traditional beret is in wool with a discreet plaid pattern but modern berets can have different materials, colors, and shapes again. In fact, it looks more like a beanie and women and men can wear them alike. In the past, berets have rather been men’s hats only.
Top Trends Womens style 2018 berets
  • Embellished Shoes: Embellishments are purely decorative details that don’t actually have a function on the shoe. Embroidered beads might be the first thing you think of here à la Manolo Blahnik, shoes with that big buckle on the top of the foot. But embellishments are more varied than this: McQueen would do thread embroidery all over, Dolce & Gabbana would create a pattern with beads on the heel, etc.Top Trends Womens style 2018 shoes
  • Wide Leg: Could that be the end of skinny jeans? Could that mark the return of nonstretchy fabric for pants? It’s very interesting actually because most commercial brands are still offering super tight stretchy spandex filled fabrics in their jeans, while consumers’ interest, according to this report, seems to have already shifted towards a new silhouette. By wide-leg, people who pin mean anything from straight leg to bootcut and bell bottom, like in the 70’s. Notice that the definition of a wide leg isn’t the same anymore as in previous decades.
Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Logos: I mentioned loud prints being a trend coming back from the runways in my spring/summer 2017 video. It has a lot to do with the new design director of Balenciaga, who got hyped like hell by the fashion press. So it’s really a designer-driven trend and other designers, street style-inspired, have been going in that direction too, which makes logos a “cool” thing to wear again. Even luxury brands brand their collections and even in Western European markets, where luxury usually means high quality but a more discreet statement in terms of branding. Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Side Slits: Thanks to the Kardashian family for making a naked leg appropriate to wear outside of the red carpet. On a dress or a tunic worn over pants, it’s a well-known thing: think 70’s. But slits are now also adapted onto pants or tops. Showing more skin is officially in 2018.Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • 100% Cotton Denim: You might have noticed that right now, it’s pretty hard to find jeans that don’t have spandex in them. Well, pure cotton denim seems to be having a moment again, like the iconic classic Levi’s 501 which had gone a little bit out of fashion and is coming back, big time.Its fabric is a lot more resistant, it lasts longer, it’s also a lot stiffer than what you can find in stores right now. The interesting thing here is that jeans without stretch need to be cut completely differently to allow for movement, which is not compatible with a skinny silhouette. So this trend is absolutely going in the same direction as the wide-leg trend that we’ve seen earlier. Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Lucite and Paten Leather: So double trend here. Lucite is actually a brand of a sort of acrylic and it refers to this kind of plastic transparent heel that we’ve seen on many runways last year. As a shoe, it is not very durable and exposure to sunlight can make it turn yellowish. But it is a vegan alternative to leather so it’s interesting to see blue lucite and patent leather trend in parallel to each other, as they illustrate two different lifestyles, in my opinion!Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Long Layered Clothing: Long and layered mean “casual” and it means “comfort”, so if that can help us get over that super tight body-shaping trend out there, then I’m all for it. Layering is a thing every winter, in cold regions of the world. But it can also be styled in summer and the longer you go, the more you’ll elongate your silhouette. So if you have a rather shorter frame, it is something that you can definitely try for yourself.Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Sheer Socks: I would never have guessed up one. Maybe I would never show my socks in sandals. So there’s no point having sheer sucks. But I’m guessing now that other countries do disagree indeed. I suspect sheer socks to be coming from Asia and I’d love to hear whether you agree if you are living in Asia right now, and you’re watching this. While preparing this video, I did see some sheer socks worn with sneakers. Now that’s rather something I would do, if the material used feels good on the skin, of course. Top Trends Womens style 2018

I hope you found this trends interesting and probably also quite wearable, right? let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite and if there’s one that you would never ever do – and why?

(Top Trends Women’s style 2018)  (Top Trends Women’s style 2018) (Top Trends Women’s style 2018) (Top Trends Women’s style 2018)

Ripped Butt Jeans: I’m sure you have seen this all over  Instagram and seems like a huge trend.Granted I have not ever seen anyone in person actually wearing these but on Instagram, I see this all the time.If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is kind of like the usually more alight wash pair of denim with the splits right underneath the ass cheeks and a lot of older really don’t like this. Personally, I don’t dislike it but maybe there’s a bias there. I do have some genuine concerns though like if you are going to sit on like a bench and it’s really hot in the summer and you burn your upper thigh lower ass area. So that’s something to keep in mind when you were this it’s becoming extremely popular.I actually want to ask you a question do you like this trends? Do you think it’s a bit too much? I think it’s kind of taking the whole distressing thing which has been popular in fashion in general to kind of another level.Honestly, I don’t hate the look.

Transparent trousers: Topshop mom jeans with clear knee area. I think they use polyurethane or like PVC.The mom jeans with the clear knee pad area I really don’t like those I think those are kind of a bit much and I know a lot of people didn’t like this because Twitter  had a field day making memes about those trousers and lot of people like oh you know how much worse can it get when it gets well Topshop clearly was like Nah we could. we can go further and they made an entire pair an entire see-through pair of trousers.So not just the knees but the entire pants are completely seen through. So those are selling for  $100 and once again people were ripping them for those.Aswell and there’s another brand called crystalline. They are selling a pair for $210.If I remember correctly they are sold out on most websites.Clearly lot of people are digging it. I wonder that they have enough breathability.IF they are fog up because they are clear plastic and if they don’t have like a proper ventilation system to them that would kind of look a little weird.Do I like this trend? I don’t know.I really mixed emotions about it.

Transparent heels and boots: Lot of people really don’t like these and I have seen people completely rip trend apart and that’s mainly because they’ve seen the pictures where I’m this girl wearing them I think it was Kim Kardashian and they fog up completely.

So people are thinking that’s a little unhygienic. But here’s the thing those are simple design flaws that can be fixed.I’ve seen some manufacturers and brands release done they have proper ventilation like two little holes on the inner side of the foot area. That’s the proper way to make that.If you are not some kind of ventilation for those shoes just improve your thought for when you are going to be rocking these in the spring or summer.If you have the confidence to pull those off I think it can be a pretty good looking shoe.