Women’s Streetwere Fashion Trends

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Ripped Butt Jeans: I’m sure you have seen this all over  Instagram and seems like a huge trend.Granted I have not ever seen anyone in person actually wearing these but on Instagram, I see this all the time.If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is kind of like the usually more alight wash pair of denim with the splits right underneath the ass cheeks and a lot of older really don’t like this. Personally, I don’t dislike it but maybe there’s a bias there. I do have some genuine concerns though like if you are going to sit on like a bench and it’s really hot in the summer and you burn your upper thigh lower ass area. So that’s something to keep in mind when you were this it’s becoming extremely popular.I actually want to ask you a question do you like this trends? Do you think it’s a bit too much? I think it’s kind of taking the whole distressing thing which has been popular in fashion in general to kind of another level.Honestly, I don’t hate the look.

Transparent trousers: Topshop mom jeans with clear knee area. I think they use polyurethane or like PVC.The mom jeans with the clear knee pad area I really don’t like those I think those are kind of a bit much and I know a lot of people didn’t like this because Twitter  had a field day making memes about those trousers and lot of people like oh you know how much worse can it get when it gets well Topshop clearly was like Nah we could. we can go further and they made an entire pair an entire see-through pair of trousers.So not just the knees but the entire pants are completely seen through. So those are selling for  $100 and once again people were ripping them for those.Aswell and there’s another brand called crystalline. They are selling a pair for $210.If I remember correctly they are sold out on most websites.Clearly lot of people are digging it. I wonder that they have enough breathability.IF they are fog up because they are clear plastic and if they don’t have like a proper ventilation system to them that would kind of look a little weird.Do I like this trend? I don’t know.I really mixed emotions about it.

Transparent heels and boots: Lot of people really don’t like these and I have seen people completely rip trend apart and that’s mainly because they’ve seen the pictures where I’m this girl wearing them I think it was Kim Kardashian and they fog up completely.

So people are thinking that’s a little unhygienic. But here’s the thing those are simple design flaws that can be fixed.I’ve seen some manufacturers and brands release done they have proper ventilation like two little holes on the inner side of the foot area. That’s the proper way to make that.If you are not some kind of ventilation for those shoes just improve your thought for when you are going to be rocking these in the spring or summer.If you have the confidence to pull those off I think it can be a pretty good looking shoe.

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