Top Trends Women’s style 2018

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Today I’m going to talk about Top Trends Women’s style. Pinterest is that place where people pin things they like if you take all the pins and the keywords that get searched and saved on Pinterest boards, all around the world, then you get a pretty good feeling for the trends that people consider rather wearable, things that they actually want to try.In other words, on Pinterest, you see trends that we’re actually gonna see on the streets. So I looked into the report that they just released and here are the things that have been pinned a lot more often this year than last year.

  • Structured Statement Earrings: I’d love to say that I single-handedly made big earrings a thing.I think it wouldn’t be entirely true though. But I really am a fan of huge earrings so I’m very happy about this one. There are different ways of making a statement with your ears: a large shape, multiple elements, various materials, a combination of colors, etc.
Top Trends Womens style 2018 Earrings
  • Berets: That’s one I honestly wouldn’t have guessed because I think it’s a trend being driven by countries that are not France, since in France it is quite cliché, a bit old school to wear a beret, nowadays, unless you’re a painter or an artist and you live on a certain hill in Paris, which is Montmartre. Other than that I haven’t seen berets anywhere I have to say. The traditional beret is in wool with a discreet plaid pattern but modern berets can have different materials, colors, and shapes again. In fact, it looks more like a beanie and women and men can wear them alike. In the past, berets have rather been men’s hats only.
Top Trends Womens style 2018 berets
  • Embellished Shoes: Embellishments are purely decorative details that don’t actually have a function on the shoe. Embroidered beads might be the first thing you think of here à la Manolo Blahnik, shoes with that big buckle on the top of the foot. But embellishments are more varied than this: McQueen would do thread embroidery all over, Dolce & Gabbana would create a pattern with beads on the heel, etc.Top Trends Womens style 2018 shoes
  • Wide Leg: Could that be the end of skinny jeans? Could that mark the return of nonstretchy fabric for pants? It’s very interesting actually because most commercial brands are still offering super tight stretchy spandex filled fabrics in their jeans, while consumers’ interest, according to this report, seems to have already shifted towards a new silhouette. By wide-leg, people who pin mean anything from straight leg to bootcut and bell bottom, like in the 70’s. Notice that the definition of a wide leg isn’t the same anymore as in previous decades.
Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Logos: I mentioned loud prints being a trend coming back from the runways in my spring/summer 2017 video. It has a lot to do with the new design director of Balenciaga, who got hyped like hell by the fashion press. So it’s really a designer-driven trend and other designers, street style-inspired, have been going in that direction too, which makes logos a “cool” thing to wear again. Even luxury brands brand their collections and even in Western European markets, where luxury usually means high quality but a more discreet statement in terms of branding. Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Side Slits: Thanks to the Kardashian family for making a naked leg appropriate to wear outside of the red carpet. On a dress or a tunic worn over pants, it’s a well-known thing: think 70’s. But slits are now also adapted onto pants or tops. Showing more skin is officially in 2018.Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • 100% Cotton Denim: You might have noticed that right now, it’s pretty hard to find jeans that don’t have spandex in them. Well, pure cotton denim seems to be having a moment again, like the iconic classic Levi’s 501 which had gone a little bit out of fashion and is coming back, big time.Its fabric is a lot more resistant, it lasts longer, it’s also a lot stiffer than what you can find in stores right now. The interesting thing here is that jeans without stretch need to be cut completely differently to allow for movement, which is not compatible with a skinny silhouette. So this trend is absolutely going in the same direction as the wide-leg trend that we’ve seen earlier. Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Lucite and Paten Leather: So double trend here. Lucite is actually a brand of a sort of acrylic and it refers to this kind of plastic transparent heel that we’ve seen on many runways last year. As a shoe, it is not very durable and exposure to sunlight can make it turn yellowish. But it is a vegan alternative to leather so it’s interesting to see blue lucite and patent leather trend in parallel to each other, as they illustrate two different lifestyles, in my opinion!Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Long Layered Clothing: Long and layered mean “casual” and it means “comfort”, so if that can help us get over that super tight body-shaping trend out there, then I’m all for it. Layering is a thing every winter, in cold regions of the world. But it can also be styled in summer and the longer you go, the more you’ll elongate your silhouette. So if you have a rather shorter frame, it is something that you can definitely try for yourself.Top Trends Womens style 2018
  • Sheer Socks: I would never have guessed up one. Maybe I would never show my socks in sandals. So there’s no point having sheer sucks. But I’m guessing now that other countries do disagree indeed. I suspect sheer socks to be coming from Asia and I’d love to hear whether you agree if you are living in Asia right now, and you’re watching this. While preparing this video, I did see some sheer socks worn with sneakers. Now that’s rather something I would do, if the material used feels good on the skin, of course. Top Trends Womens style 2018

I hope you found this trends interesting and probably also quite wearable, right? let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite and if there’s one that you would never ever do – and why?

(Top Trends Women’s style 2018)  (Top Trends Women’s style 2018) (Top Trends Women’s style 2018) (Top Trends Women’s style 2018)

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