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How to remove foot pain – Three effective tips

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For many reasons, you can feel pain on the feet a lot of time.Extra walking can be cause for foot pain and maybe anything else.Whatever the reason of this, you can release pain from this essential body part by following some steps.Let’s know what to do.
  • Water treatment: Water can be the simplest painkiller to reduce pain in your foot. Take two water pot.One for cold water and another for warm water that you can be endured.First, dip your feet in cold water for five minutes.Then dip your feet into warm water for another five minutes.Now you can feel comfortable.But for the better result, you can make peppermint tea and sink your fit.
  • Ball: If you feel severe pain in the feet, take a ball. And keep it on the ground and handle the feet on it repeatedly. It’s a lot like going to roll. You can also massage three tablespoons of sesame oil and three drops of clove oil together and massage it on your feet. This will reduce blood flow to the feet and reduce the pain.

  • Foot Exercise: One of the best ways to make your body healthy is exercise.If you exercise for feet every day then it will be healthy and more strong.For this drop some pencil on the floor and try to collect them with feet.By doing this you feet will be more strong.In this case, you can use sticks or anything else.If heels are the for pain then there is an effective way. Basically, this will not remove your pain but it will make your feet more flexible.In this case, while you standing on the heels, stand three away from the wall.Now make your two hands straight on the wall.Bring the right leg in front and keep the left leg in the same position.In such way, you can break the relation of pain on your feet with heels.

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